Dr. Victoria Goudy, ND, VDP, LMT (Dr. Victoria)

Dr. Victoria Goudy is a naturopathic Physician, leading Soul Healing guide, health alchemist, and women’s peace coach. She is committed to helping her clients transform their health and life from dis-ease and suffering to a life of beauty and ecstasy. To a life of conscious creation. She specializes in helping Soul Warrioress women, who’s light has been dimmed, shed the clouds and shine their lights! As a healer, her views are radically different. If you are looking for a magic pill or for your someone to heal you, well then she is not the right coach for you!  She helps her clients understand how their Soul is communicating to them through their symptoms and how, through this, you can heal, find and live your purpose with ease.  She emphasizes getting to the root cause of your suffering and helping you transform your health from THERE, so the change is lasting and sustainable. No telling the body it is “wrong” with suppressive tools! Only supporting the body in it’s wisdom! 

She uses her wide range of unique skills and education from Bastyr University, where she received her Naturopathic Doctorate, as well as additional training all over the world in Holistic Counseling, Pantarei Approach, massage therapy, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, neural therapy, ART (autonomic response therapy), HRT (Human Resource Technology) and Vitalism to understand the depths of health and healing so that she can teach and empower you.

When Dr. Victoria is not putting together or learning new ways to help her clients take their healing to the next level, you can find her getting mushed through the woods on various contraptions by her husky, Kaizen, with her fiancé, Joel. She particularly loves exploring waterfalls and hot springs. When not in her natural habitat in the woods, you can find her baking delicious “food-intolerance free” treats, making herbal medicines, working the garden, hitting the gym, practicing yoga, reading, or letting her heart shine on the dance floor (music with the womp-womps or a solid bass preferred!). Yearly music festivals are a must for her! 

Specialties in Practice:Getting to the root cause of your suffering!; with an affinity for Mental health, Depressed or anxious mood, Food Intolerances/Sensitivities, Digestive issues, Skin issues, and generally feeling like you are meant for so much more. But really, she just loves teaching YOU how to heal yourself… the particular symptoms (or manifestation of misalignment at the subconscious level) don’t really matter! 

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